at the Bear Necessities show in Simpsonville, SC


The Chinese Li Hua (also known as the Dragon Li, Li Hua Mao or simply Li Mao) is a breed of cat native to China, originating from nascent Chinese folklore and dynastic culture. The name Dragon Li has been utilized internationally to reflect the symbolic nature of China relevant to the mythical Chinese dragon. The Chinese Li Hua was recognized by CFA in February 2010 and is shown in the Miscellaneous Class.

To date, four Chinese Li Hua cats have come to America. Two cats were imported into the USA in October 2010 (Zhong Guo and Nao Nao). Two more arrived in March 2011 (San Hu and Dee Dee). Living in Palm Springs CA is "Zhong Guo." The breeders who imported the cat call him "China." Living in South Dakota are "Dee Dee" and "Nao Nao."

"Sam" (The cat you will see at the CFA-sanctioned National Capital Cat Show) is our youngest Chinese Li Hua. His official name is “JIA JI SAN HU OF LOW COUNTRY” and he lives with his family just north of Atlanta, Georgia.


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